"Strive for Excellence"

     History of The Greater Portmore Primary School

On September 2, 1994 at 9:30 a.m. eight teachers along with Acting Principal Mrs. Vida Morris and Education Officer Mrs. Pommells Barrett met for their first meeting at the Greater Portmore Primary School. Chairs were borrowed from the nearby 2 East residents as there was no furniture at the school.

The Greater Portmore Primary School opened its doors to 219 students on September 5, 1994. Blessing of the building was done by Rev. Carol Watson, Pastor, at the time, of the Elim Open Bible Church. She admonished parents, students and teachers to make the institution the best it can be to the glory of God.

Blocks 5, 6 and 7 of the compound were to be occupied. There were three first grades, two second grades, two third grades and later a fourth grade was added. As parents filed in with children there was a questioning look on the faces of parents as there was no furniture in classrooms. Consequently pupils were sent home early.

The school was without electricity for the first four months of operation. During this time, cold products for the tuck shop were frozen and supplied to the school on a daily basis. The unsold products were collected at the end of each day. Initial contacts with Telecommunications of Jamaica, turned Cable & Wireless, and now known as LIME, proved  futile initially. It took a period of one year and five months before telephone service was installed.

The canteen was started towards the middle of 1995. The necessity was seen to provide the children with a cooked meal. We continually strive to enlarge our curriculum so that our pupils can be offered an even greater opportunity to exercise their abilities. The addition of Science, Reading Resource, Music and Art Rooms have given great impetus to our efforts. 

From the first year the school was actively involved in the festival and literary competitions with high performances, capturing several awards. All students are exposed to Physical Education which gives them an opportunity to compete in sporting activities such as athletics, football, netball and volleyball. The children are placed in three houses: - Thomas (Red), Cunningham (Green) and Knight (Gold). 

It was felt that if the school should make the required impact on the 'whole child' it would have to focus on a wide range of activities whether they be of an educational, social or cultural nature. This led to the formation of a Dance Club, Red Cross, Speech and Drama Club, Art and Craft Club, to mention a few.

We continue to 'Strive for Excellence' and as we enter new phases of our educational development. May our efforts be welcomed and supported by all with the full cooperation that education justly deserves for the successes of our nation.  

 Greater Portmore Primary Celebrates 20 years